More photographs coming soon!

Lilly (named from the Munsters) and Barbie (you guessed it – barbed-wire entanglement) are now living together after over a month of Barbie being in quarantine, receiving intensive care, and recovering from her injuries – she lost half of her tail membrane.  She is a very lucky little survivor, as many wildlife species can get caught up in barbed-wire, especially the top wire.  Once they get caught, they cannot get off the deadly wire.   Lilly and Barbie are indoors during Winter, however, in Spring, they will be out in the flight tent with lots of enrichment!  Lilly is Adelaide Bat Care’s little educational bat and hopefully, Barbie will be her assistant!   Lilly was found in the Adelaide City four years ago, whilst Barbie came from Echunga.  Lilly cannot fly sufficiently for release and Barbie will not be able to catch insects and use her tail membrane to give birth to her young.  We will, however, monitor Barbie in the Spring to see how well she is able to cope.

Lilly came into care with a collapsed lung and head trauma and was never able to fly strongly enough for release.