November 2016   –   Our Grey-headed Flying-foxes here in Adelaide are having their beautiful single baby at present.  The entire spectacular Colony (estimated at approximately 10,000) still call the Botanic Parklands their home (since 2010) just outside of Adelaide Zoo’s Entrance near the foot-bridge. There is no risk to us if we just observe and never touch Bats.  Their droppings and urine are of no risk.  No touch = no risk. 

Report any Sightings …

Please email me if you have been seeing the Grey-headed Flying-foxes feeding in any part of  South Australia as this important information is being gathered by our wonderful Bat Scientists. The Grey-headed Flying-fox is a Vulnerable Species so please be kind and allow them to feed on all our lovely NATIVE fruits, blossoms and nectar.  They also love the Moreton Bay Fig trees fruiting at present and all the Eucalyptus and Angophora blossoms, nectar and are out and about pollinating.

Suburbs where they have been spotted recently include Henley Beach, Glandore, Ridgehaven, Oaklands Park, Allenby Gardens, Croydon, Norwood, Largs Bay, Flinders Park, Morphett Vale, the City suburbs and through the Adelaide Hills from Mylor and Houghton and as far as Echunga!  Please observe and let us know the trees they are feeding on and if you can shine a quick light on them, how many may be feeding.   You may even see their special baby with them!