Bat Species Generally In Care

The following bat species that generally come into care are:

  • Gould’s Wattled Bat (Chalinolobus gouldii)
  • Lesser Long-eared Bat (Nyctophilus geoffroyi)
  • Southern Freetail Bat (Mormopterus Species 4)
  • Chocolate Wattled Bat (Chalinolobus morio)
  • Little and Southern Forest Bats (Vespadelus vulturnus and regulus –  mainly from the Adelaide Hills)
  • Western Broad-nosed Bat (Scotorepens balstoni)

These microbats favour old tree hollows and dead spouts as their roosting homes.  They are called ‘crevice dwelling’ bats.

There are presently 14 species within the Adelaide Region – 8 common species and 6 rare species.  (The Endangered Southern Bent-wing Bat is not included).  Information source by Terry Reardon, Bat Expert, SA Museum.  A listing is available for download shortly.