Bat Books / Educational Information

Australian Bat Lyssavirus Fact Sheet: Australasian Bat Society

Hendra Virus Fact Sheet: Australasian Bat Society

Guide to the Bats of South Australia
Terence B Reardon & Stanley C Flavel
ISBN 0 7243 4176 5 (presently out of print)
Available from the State Library of SA

Bats and Backyards for Wildlife – Bats Fact Sheet
Produced by Urban Biodiversity Unit, Department  of Environment, Water and Natural Resources

Bats of the Mount Lofty Ranges – Data Sheet
Produced by the Upper River Torrens Landcare Group Incorporated – Revised 2006.
This Data Sheet is available through the Adelaide Hills Natural Resource Centre and the Mount Pleasant Natural Resource Centre

Bats of the Limestone Coast – the South East of South Australia
Publication by the Friends of the Naracoorte Caves.
This Booklet is available through the South Australian Museum

Bats of South Australia’s Murray Region
Publication by Aimee Linke and the Mid Murray Local Action Planning Association and the South Australian Murray Darling Basin Natural Resources Management Board.

Big Bend Bat Education
Aimee Linke, Mid Murray Local Action Planning Association, introduces us to some of the Bat Species from Big Bend at Night.

How Bat Friendly is your Property?
Publication by Faye McGoldrick and the Mount Pleasant Natural Resource Centre and Upper River Torrens Landcare Group as part of the Australian Government’s Envirofund Project – Bats for Biodiversity.  How Bat Friendly is your Property? 

A Natural History of Australian Bats – Working the Night Shift (2012)
Greg Richards and Les Hall, with Steve Parish Photography
ISBN 9780643103740
A must-have beautiful book for all those interested in the wonderful world of bats

The Care and Rehabilitation of Insectivorous Bats in Victoria
Dr Lindy Lumsden

The Australian Microbat Rehabilitation Manual
Authors – Trish Wimberley (Australian Bat Clinic and Wildlife Trauma Centre) and Rachel Lyons (Wildcare Australia)
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Nest Boxes for Wildlife
Alan & Stacey Franks

Medicine of Australian Mammals (Section 14 – Bats)
Dr Larry Vogelnest and Dr Rupert Woods

Australian Bats
Sue Churchill
ISBN 1 876334 07 X

Australian Bats (Second Edition – 2008)
Sue Churchill
ISBN 978-1-74175-461-2

Australian Mammals : Biology and Captive Management
Dr Stephen Jackson
ISBN 978064 3 095076

Standards and Medical Management for Captive Insectivorous Bats – 2010 (DVD included)
Amanda Lollar – Bat World Sanctuary

Captive Care and Medical Reference for the Rehabilitation of Insectivorous Bats
Amanda Lollar and Barbara Schmidt-French
ISBN 0 9638248 3 X

The Bat Carer’s Manual by Denise Wade and Louise Saunders of Bat Conservation & Rescue Qld Inc. This Manual is available through emailing for a small fee. Fantastic!

Bats Queensland – Awareness and Educational Resources

Wildlife Rescue South Coast Incorporated (NSW) – Flying Fox Rehabilitator & Microbat Rehabilitator (Manual available upon request)
Gerardine Hawkins
Email –

NSW WIRES Bat Management Team
Judi Wood – Training Co-ordinator
Email –

Hand-Rearing and Development of the Orphaned Flying Fox
Published by Linda Collins
Email –

The Flying Fox Manual 2007/2009
Dave Pinson
Stickee Batz

Year of the Bat
Educational Information – Global
Year of the Bat 2011/2012

Bats in Captivity
Sue Barnard
Biological and Medical Aspects – Volume 1
Aspects of Rehabilitation – Volume 2
Diet and Feeding – Environment and Housing  – Volume 3
Legislation and Public Education Volume 4

Flying Foxes – Fruit and Blossom Bats of Australia
Dr Leslie Hall and Dr Greg Richards and illustrated by Louise Saunders
ISBN 0-86840-561-2

Bats – A Wild Australia Guide (Identification, Habitat, Behaviour, Diet and Conservation)
Dr Les Hall & Steve Parish Photography/Publishing

Encyclopedia of Australian Wildlife
Reader’s Digest
ISBN 1 876689 34 X

Caring for Australian Wildlife
Sharon White
ISBN 1 86276 021 7

Mammals of Australia
Terence Lindsey
ISBN 1 86436 307 X

Phil Richardson
ISBN 0 565 09167 0

Bats in Question – The Smithsonian Answer Book
Don E Wilson
ISBN 0 643 06027 8

Secret World of Bats
Theresa Greenaway
ISBN 0 7398 4982 4

Welcome to the World of Bats
Diane Swanson
ISBN 1 55110 784 8

The Mammals of Australia – Third Edition
Edited by Steve Van Dyck and Ronald Strahan
ISBN 9781877069253

Warambi – The Little Bent-Wing Bat
Aleesah Darlison and Andrew Plant
Warambi – The Little Bent-Wing Bat

Janell Cannon

Going Batty
Steve Parish/Rebecca Johnson
For newly independent readers 3+ years

Bam the Bat
Steve Parish/Dr Les Hall/Sue & Kerry Kitzelman/Trish & Terry Wimberley
For newly independent readers 3+ years

Australian Bats – For junior primary + readers
Jill Morris & Lynne Tracey
Email –